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Customer Engagement Summit 2017

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 15, 2020

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TwentyCi Planning Director, Danny Crowe, will be taking to the stage on 7th June at the 8th Annual Customer Engagement Summit, hosted by The Retail Bulletin. 

The event is taking place in London's Cavendish Conference Centre, and brings together some of the best customer engagement specialists of the retail and marketing world, to show how engagement and loyalty is changing, and the best ways to adapt and take advantage of this consumer landscape. 

Danny will be specifically addressing how retailers should be using data, and in particular life event data, to ensure that they are having relevant and context driven conversations with customers.  By bringing context into marketing decision-making, this brings a new spin to CRM; Instead of Customer Relationship Marketing, a better definition in today’s data-rich, always-on and connected world is ‘Conversations that are Relevant and Measurable’. He'll explore how understanding the context behind customers' decision making process will allow retailers to have more relevant conversations with them, and ultimately how this will drive engagement and sales. 

The presentation will be taking place at 2.30pm on the day, and is titled "Marketing in the Moment’ - recognising the power of relevancy for true customer engagement".

To find out more about the event and to book your tickets, click here.