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Helping a removal company to increase & improve Home Mover lead generation

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 15, 2020


This nationwide domestic removal firm wanted to reach more Home Movers in the postcode areas served by their business. 

Our client, a nationwide removal firm, approached TwentyCi to understand how we could help them reach out to their target Home Movers, using, our online portal providing lead generation to the removal and storage sectors, covering 99.6% of the UK housing market.

Initially, we evaluated with our client the criteria of Home Movers they wished to target. This covered selections such as house price, number of bedrooms and at what stage they wanted to reach Home Movers in the home moving journey - for example, when homes are listed as For Sale, or marked as SSTC. Based on these measures, we began supplying our client with a regular weekly source of Home Mover leads in the postcode areas matching their selections.

After an initial 3 month trial, we conducted a match-back analysis based on the records we had supplied and the customers that had enquired or booked with the company. Based on each branch that records were supplied for, analysis was conducted to understand the conversion of addresses to enquires, and conversion of enquiries to bookings. Over this period, we supplied over 101,000 records in total over all branch locations. A competitor over the same period supplied just over 12,200 records. For one particular branch, we helped our client to achieve a 4.5% enquiry rate, and of those enquiries 28.4% made a booking with the client. Branch wide, we were able to help achieve a 27.4% booking rate from all enquiries.

To find out more about our service, or how we can help you to increase your Home Mover targeting, simply email or call 01908 829300.