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Marketing Acquisition for the Home Furnishings Sector

Posted by Josie Watson December 14, 2020


Working with our client, a nationwide retailer specialising in beds, mattresses, home and bedroom furniture, we developed and implemented a direct marketing acquisition programme targeted exclusively at home movers.

The Lucrative Home Mover Market

At TwentyCi we know through our unique data assets and insights, that home movers are more than twice as likely to purchase a home furnishing product than a non-mover. Despite this compelling insight, early analysis showed that home mover transactions for the retailer only accounted for 7% of the company’s turnover. Our solution was to devise a contact strategy to target this highly lucrative consumer group with relevant, timely marketing messages.

A Creative Solution

Our evaluation of the retailer’s historical sales transactions identified which of the client's products proved most popular with home movers. Using this insight, we wrote and designed an email, SMS and postcard campaign promoting some of their top-sellers, with a dedicated landing page created to further tailor the prospect journey.

Results that Supported our Creative Thinking

Within the first month of implementing the programme, our client's product sales from home movers immediately increased, delivering an uplift in incremental sales and ROI. This impact was achieved without any specific in-store, promotional or above the line support.

Through executing the programme further and trialling a variety of creative treatments, messages and design layouts, our initial marketing implementation won in almost every case. This reinforced our original creative strategy as not only concrete, but winning too.

Following the success of the first campaign, we continue to work with this home furnishing retailer, consistently delivering a gross return on marketing investment of £25:1 and an incremental return on marketing investment of £9:1. 

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