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Targeting consumers: Do you know when's the best time for your industry? [Infographic]

Posted by TwentyCi December 16, 2020

The more facts we know about our target consumers, beyond simply their age and gender, the better our communications are likely to be received. As the saying goes, target the right people, with the right message at the right time. 

A good example is consumers in the home moving journey. Homemovers leave a clear trail of factual information that brands can use to understand key milestones, such as when a consumer has put their house on the market through to the purchase of their new home, moving in and beyond.

With a purchasing power of £12 billion annually in the UK, tapping into the homemover audience can be hugely rewarding for businesses, with each homemover spending an average of £10,000 on a variety of goods and services across an extended period of many months - before, during and after a move. For mortgage providers, home insurance companies, retailers, broadband providers and utility firms, this is a rich source of consumers known to be actively looking for their products and services. Even fast food delivery firms can tap into this opportunity, with people typically having more need for takeaways when they first move in to a new house!

But when is the right time to target these homemovers? Based on our extensive homemover data pool and analysis, we've created a handy inforgraphic to show when is the best time to target these valuable customers - and at which moment demand for certain products peaks...

Best time to target customers infographic 2020 Update V1