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The pandemic winners & losers to date in marketing, ecommerce & advertising

Posted by Nick McConnell December 16, 2020


The pandemic is having a seismic impact on how we live our lives in almost every dimension from dining to socialising to our holiday plans through how & where we work. One thing is increasingly clear, this is not a temporary change.

eConsultancy is a compelling resource for the key statistics on retail sales, ad spend, streaming subscriptions, social media use, recruitment figures and much, much more. If you are not already signed up we recommend you do.

Did you know -

  • UK retail sales for the year to July grew by 4%, up from -37% in June but are expected to dip by -5% in August
  • Footfall across all UK retail destinations fell by 56.6% year-on-year in June, despite shops reopening on midway through the month

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