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The retail test: Are you checking for customer blind-spots?

Posted by TwentyCi December 16, 2020

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We’ve recently launched the first of a new three-part series of articles appearing in Retail Voice, Retail Week’s digital platform. Each edition will be focusing on challenges that brands are currently facing in today’s rapidly-changing environment, and how best to overcome and thrive from them.

In today’s edition we ask, are you checking for customer blind-spots? The retail test.

On average, four million people move house every year, presenting retailers of high-value, low frequency products with an unmissable golden selling opportunity. Yet, what are these brands doing to bring in these customers at this key time? What should they be? In the full article, we explore the answers to these four crucial questions that retailers should be asking themselves:

  1. Are you using life event data?
  2. Do you know why your customer is moving home?
  3. Have you segmented your ROI?
  4. Still worried about your blind-spot?

Given Brexit uncertainty, many retailers need a new approach; and it starts with taking off the blinkers.

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