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The telltale sign a buying agent looks for? Your toothbrush

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 15, 2020

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In an article in the Financial Times, featuring TwentyCi's Property Data, James Pickford highlights the elements that a buying agent looks for when securing a property at the best price on behalf of a potential buyer...

Understanding buyer motivations are key when it comes to an agents' understanding of how to pitch a potantial property sale. And the temptation for sellers to market their property at an over inflated price is as high as ever - but at what cost once a reality-check kicks in? Our research reports an average of around 5,600 reductions to property asking prices across the UK market for homes valued at £1m+ in the first half of last year (Jan - June 2016). When looking at data for the first six months of 2017, this figure rose to a staggering amount of more than 10,000 price cuts. 

To read the full article from the Financial Times, click here.

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