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BAR Conference 2017

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 15, 2020

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Matt Hawkins and Sue Schonberger last week attended the BAR Conference 2017. This year the event was held in Cardiff, at the Marriott Hotel, from 18th-20th May. We caught up with Matt and Sue to find out how the event went...

Tell us a bit about this year's event?

Matt: The conference started on Thursday with golf and a welcome lunch. Friday was the main exhibition day and business sessions. This included the two fantastic keynote speakers, Vicky Pryce and Mandy Hickson. In the evening, the BAR hosted a Party Night, including a casino and tour at the Royal Mint - a really interesting venue! Saturday was back to the exhibition and business sessions, and then free time up until the Gala Night Dinner and Awards. The entertainer for the evening was Max Boyce and the disco then followed.

Sue: Matt also hosted a speaker session on Saturday with Steve Pearce, on the topic, "Is your Marketing moving with the times? Don't get left behind". This was very well received by all, and they had an overflowing audience! 

You were also presenting the TwentyCi Sponsored DMotY Award?

Matt: Yes, this was presented during the Gala Night Dinner and Awards. Another big congratulations to the deserving winners, Squab Group.

Which was the stand out presentation from the event for you?

Sue:  I really enjoyed Mandy Hickson's presentation, as I heard many others did too. It was particularly inspiring and very entertaining, a great speaker all round. 

What were your key takeaways from the event?

Sue: As always, I enjoy the meeting and mingling with our clients - it's nice to put faces to names after speaking to them so often on the phone. 

Matt: That's always important for me too. It's also good to catch up and hear how the industry in general is doing, and how people are finding business at the moment. 

What are your next steps?

Sue: This week we've been following up with any business from new and existing client conversations. We're also looking into how we can improve and inform clients about our MoverAlerts service, based on feedback we received from clients. 

What's next on your event list?

Matt: We'll be attending The Movers and Storers Show in October, but in the meantime you'll find us at lots of BAR meetings across the country!


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