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Buyhavioural Marketing: where less is more


The thirst for petabytes of information to create "big data" environments to establish insight & drive strategy has delivered an interesting contradiction for marketers.

Historically marketers have considered the quantity of data as the deterministic quality of selecting a data agency driven by the general expectation of a 2% level of consumer engagement i.e. target 500,000 contacts & expect 10,000 to respond or transact. But in a world where we are encouraged to be conscious of our consumption, marketing is facing a post-Millennial dawn to deliver media efficiency.

TwentyCi is no stranger to the desire for "Big Data", our data universe (DOMUS) covers all 30 million residential properties in the UK and comprehensively incorporates all key attributes, including:

  • the exact geographic location
  • the property characteristics i.e. south facing garden, 3 bed detached
  • the environmental factors i.e. crime, deprivation, commuting
  • the demographic insight i.e. family, household income >£50k

But the purpose of DOMUS is not to deliver unnecessarily large broadcast marketing programmes, but to establish the most ideal consumer audience for a brand to engage with. By analysing a brand's transactional data with the DOMUS universe, we can determine the optimum profile of a prospect at a granularity not previously available, moving beyond a simple Acorn or Mosaic profile to identify the precise audience to engage with for the greatest return. We call this approach buyhavioural marketing (buying behaviour).

This approach delivers a significant media efficiency and can be aligned to establish an effective contact strategy for all marketing channels including direct marketing, digital display, social & television, negating the need to broadcast en masse with the associated wastage of time, effort and resource.

So if you are interested in buyhavioural marketing and the identification for a high value consumer audience for a more media efficient approach to engagement, please drop me a line.

Find out more about how TwentyCi has helped retailers reach Homemovers.

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