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Delving into Data 49: Top UK airports

Airport UK

Whilst we are well into the summer season, with the weather slightly cooler than we might expect for this time of year, in this week’s Delving into Data, we are looking at the immediate areas around the top 5 best ranking airports in the UK as reported by Which? last August.

Exeter Airport ranked in at number 5 with 72% of customers surveyed reporting that they had a pleasant experience through security and boarding. In terms of property, the average household property price is £338,727 with an average of 147 days on market. Rental properties average £837 per month, with 53 days on market.

Southampton Airport ranked number 4 at 73%, only marginally beating Exeter. Properties in the area average £411,496, spending 130 days on the market. Rent averages at £1,211 with 113 days on the market.

Newcastle International Airport is ranked number 3 at 74%. Properties are averaging £195,311, with 176 days spent on the market. Rental prices at £756 per month with a whopping 209 days on the market.

London Southend Airport ranks in at 2 with a 84% satisfaction rating. Household properties around the area sell for, on average, £353,722 and spend 124 days on the market. With the rental properties hovering around £1,033 and 57 days on market.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport is ranked number 1 in the UK, sitting at 87%. With prices averaging £180,780 and £520 for housing and rental properties respectively. Time on market for households is 149 with rental averaging 82 days.

Comparing them together, we can see Doncaster seems to host the best Airport and likewise have the cheapest homes and rental properties out of the top 5.

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