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Delving Into Data 5: The South of England

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020

For our fifth instalment of Delving Into Data, we have created a heatmap of average house prices in the South of England. London’s inflated house prices skew the spread of the rest of the region, and thus we have excluded the capital from our analysis in this edition.

Observations include:

  • The counties of Surrey and Berkshire have the highest average house price in this region. In fact, as we may expect, there is a 'doughnut effect' of inflated house prices surrounding the city of London.
  • Interestingly, house prices of the above counties are comparatively high in Bristol at the moment, an area not commonly linked with high house prices.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the costal seaside towns of Bournemouth and Brighton are also higher priced areas. Bournemouth's average selling price being just under £407k and Brighton's £398k.
  • Further to the South West, the counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall all have relatively low average house prices, despite being popular tourist destinations as well as favored retirement locations for cash rich consumers.

SouthernNL Districts.png

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