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Do you remember your first time?


First car, first kiss, first heartbreak, first job, first tweet?

Life is full of many firsts whether they are intentional, accidental, unexpected or undeserved.

For many the start of a new year is full of firsts - throw off old habits, set new routines or revisit life goals. This year in particular is expected to bring much change. The election majority achieved by the Conservatives and the impending commencement of Brexit on the 31st January is anticipated to permeate into improved consumer confidence and with it an uplift in expenditure on the “bigger ticket” items such as house moves, holidays and cars.

From the perspective of TwentyCi, our insight shows that the arrival of spring is a notable first for many people that have moved into their property since the autumn. Our data highlights that since the beginning of October over 300,000 properties have been bought & sold meaning the new owners will shortly be venturing into the garden to contemplate the challenge or opportunity that their new purchase offers.

This provides a significant high value audience for brands delivering outdoor products and services whether this be traditional garden centres or the extensive trades focused on home improvement.

Let’s think about those new garden firsts; first cutting of the lawn, first BBQ, first lazy Sunday afternoon with kids in the garden. And the chances are all those firsts will require stuff to help you enjoy them, a lawnmower, BBQ set, a paddling pool?

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