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Driving the right footfall by avoiding customer blind spots


As continued economic uncertainty makes trading conditions ever harder for independent businesses, the right marketing approach is more vital than ever.

With customer targeting becoming increasingly data driven, timely and focused insights can help retailers avoid significant marketing blind spots. Yet evidence suggests that many retailers don’t fully understand how to engage those customers who are actively looking for their goods and services.

For example, did you know that over four million people move home every year presenting retailers with an unmissable golden selling opportunity. These are buyers of beds, furniture, furnishings, DIY equipment, kitchens and electricals and are known to want to shop locally and in store. Yet, what are retailers doing to reach these customers at this key time? The reward for capitalising on this opportunity is vast; each year consumer spending around a home move totals over £12 billion.

The availability of richly detailed and highly granular data sets will give insights into the key milestones in people’s lives that act as purchase triggers, especially when moving home. Research shows that those moving home are more than twice as likely to purchase a home related product than a non-mover.

Mass advertising that reaches everyone may drive footfall, but it may not deliver the desired sales transactions or tap into the propensity of the highest value consumers.

Retailers that understand the opportunity of one-to-one direct marketing – and break the mould of traditional media advertising – will be the clear winners.

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