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Fetch the Emperor's tailor

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At a recent prospect meeting, an Agency bemoaned the fact that we were unable to target on Pinterest as this was their no. 1 marketing objective for 2020. I love ambition, innovation and testing, but the no. 1 2020 objective? Fetch the Emperor a new wardrobe please.

The rush to do all things digital can in many cases override the balance that marketers schooled through the 5 P’s of marketing apply. It’s not solely about the right channel or even the latest channel, it’s also about reminding ourselves of the marketing principles of reaching the right audience with the right offer at the right time, and through the right channel.

Take homemovers, their propensity to spend is significantly enhanced prior, during and post the home moving journey, whether it is furnishings, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, bedding or DIY, the list is endless.

Based on our experience in the retail sector, those brands specifically targeting this audience typically see site visits, footfall, transactions and revenue account for over 20% of all volume and value. Surprisingly, key brands for whom targeting the homemover should be a central pillar of their sales and marketing, have a blind spot to this valuable audience.

The broad demographic, geographic and age profile of homemovers, also means their media consumption and channel of choice is extensive; but don’t worry, we have completed the hard yards of making the audiences available in all offline and online marketing channels. As for Pinterest, let me check with the Emperor’s tailor.


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