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Homemovers: a captive audience


Every year in the UK an average of four million people move home. It’s a selling opportunity that represents a huge £12 billion to retailers.

Each specific stage of the homemover journey brings with it a unique opportunity for retailers to adapt their marketing messaging accordingly; not only to engage with consumers known to be at a specific point in a home move, but also to understand the circumstances which have motivated this move in the first place. Combined, these two factors reveal highly valuable data insights.

All homemover journeys are different, depending on the sector and product or service, but typically lasts several months with some extending long after a home move.

Did you know for example that prime demand for DIY products typically peaks at the move consideration stage, as people begin to smarten up their homes, ahead of listing. This spend peaks again at 0-3 months post-move when the focus shifts to all-important home improvements. Furniture purchasing first surges at the pre-sale sold subject to contract stage, as does spend on electricals and tech, home furnishings and garden product lines.

Channelling homemover intelligence for targeted marketing campaigns can enable brands to move ahead of the competition and realise strong returns.

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