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Is love in the air on the street where you live?


The UK city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire is perhaps best known for its steel industry heritage, as home to the oldest football ground in the world, and for the well known 1997 comedy film, The Full Monty.

But did you also know that Sheffield is possibly the most romantic city in the country – if its street names are anything to go by.

The North East city is home to 1,034 “romantic addresses” – which we’ve defined as UK addresses containing “love”, “valentine”, “Romeo”, “Juliet” or “romance” – followed next by Portsmouth, for which we’ve recorded 761 romantic addresses, Romford with 638 and Wakefield with 581. There are a grand total of 29,636 romantic addresses to be found across the country.

Some of the most notable of these addresses include “Lovely Lane” in Warrington and “True Lovers Court” in North West London. There’s even a “Romeo Arbour” just around the corner from “Juliet Drive” to be found in Warwick.

Taking things one step further, the village of Lover in Hampshire has capitalised on its romantic sounding name and is famous for its Valentine Community Post.


Home sweet homemovers

Our property insights are regularly relied upon by a wide range of businesses to help them reach and engage with their target consumers.

Covering 31.5 million factual data points (not modelled or sentiment based), we provide the largest and richest source of real-time, GDPR compliant homemover data available in the UK.

And with each stage of a home move offering opportunities for businesses selling relevant products and services, the opportunities really are sizeable.

What’s more, when homemovers shop, they spend 50% more than an average customer, making these consumers a high value audience.

Data that delivers

To put this into context, our data and property insight sees us work with –

  • a nationwide bed retailer to help target homemovers (1 in 5 of all bed related purchases are from consumers who are moving house),
  • a leading TV & broadband provider (70% of homemovers switch providers at the point of moving),
  • and a large home furnishing brand (homemover spending typically extends from 3 months prior to 6 months post a home move)…

to name just a few.


Talk to one of the team today to understand how we can create a marketing programme for your business.

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