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Latest UK Data News Updates

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020


UK Named 23rd Safest Nation for Data Privacy

The UK has ranked number 23 in a Safest Nation for Data Privacy report, where 170 countries around the world were graded on their ability to keep data secure. According to the study by Artmotion, the safest nation was Switzerland with a 1.6% insecurity rate; Somalia at the other end of the scale, came in last scoring 92.9%. The UK scored a 9.9% insecurity rate.

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Colo Giant Continuing with UK Data Centre Investment

Despite Brexit predictions, Equinix are still going forward with their data centre expansion plans in Slough. As the world’s biggest colocation player, they plan to invest £26m in the business, with their MD adding that London will remain a nerve centre for data flows after Britain leaves the EU.

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Data Breach Incidents Rising

The number of data breach incidents reported to the ICO from data privacy watchdogs has almost doubled from 1,089 between April 2014 and March 2015, to 2,048 for the same period the following year, up to March 2016. Healthcare and local governments recorded the highest volumes of breaches, whereas financial businesses reported the most at risk from costly fines.

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TalkTalk's ICO Fine Upheld

TalkTalk’s fine from the ICO after a breach of data has been upheld despite their appeal. The telco giant was fined a £1,000 penalty after failing to report the incident to the ICO within 24 hours of discovering the error. A customer letter provided sufficient evidence to prove that a data breach had indeed occured.

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Location Data: The Next Marketing Frontier?

Location data is becoming increasingly popular for marketers, with most believing that it could improve ROI by 60% and will be “fully embraced” in campaigns by 2019. However, US marketers are ahead of the UK, particularly because location relevant businesses such as Uber and Airbnb began stateside.

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