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Latest UK Data News Updates - December 2016

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020

Here we've taken a look at the latest December UK Data News Updates.blur-1853262_1280.jpg

Infamous Data Breaches

Earlier this year, Three Mobile were involved in an infamous data breach where customer names, phone numbers and addresses were obtained via an employee login, potentially putting millions of customers at risk. Could you name the 15 most infamous data breaches over the past 10 years in the UK? 

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People-Based Benefits and Data

A recent event hosted by The Drum revealed three key themes when it comes to people-based marketing, as well as the benefits that it can bring and the challenges faced to overcome. These include: a departure from cookies for identification of consumers over multiple devices, the need to deal with ‘dirty’ data as an industry priority and lastly, being mindful that personalised marketing can sometimes be too personal.

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Will AI make you redundant?

The latest machine-learning tool can take in masses of information and tell you exactly what it takes to be successful in whatever your chosen ‘topic’. Several brands have started to adopt this latest artificial intelligence to create products and adverts. The algorithm has even created “The Next Rembrandt” by analysing all of the artist's previous paintings.

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ADMA Appoints new Board Members

The Association of Data Driven Marketing has appointed three new board members, as well as several new Directors. Read more below to find out about the three that were chosen.

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IBM expands UK data centre

IBM is opening another four new centres in the UK to add to its current two. This adds to the current ‘data rush’ the UK is experiencing, with Amazon planning to open several new data centres in 2017 and Microsoft having previously opened two in September of this year.

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