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Redefining Profiling and Segmentation

Profiling and Segmentation

Where somebody lives and their circumstances drives their behaviour. This is not a new thought but there is now a new way of segmenting your audience that is both insightful and applicable to your marketing activity.

We’ve known for some time that the traditional geodemographic solutions provide excellent insight at postcode and more recently household level, but they still lack the ability to directly deliver a segmentation that drives:

  • Content strategy
  • Media planning
  • Direct targeting
  • Product development

The characteristics of a property and the circumstances of the occupier determine how they interact with brands. By cross referencing our database of 31m homes, their characteristics and the status of the occupier with your database, we can show how different segments require different messaging using location, property, environment and demographic insight to define consumer demand and match your marketing accordingly.

Taking homemovers as just one example of the consumer segments we can help you to reach:

  • Homeowners in 3-bed homes, with a conservatory who have lived there for 20 years differ to a renter in a 2-bed flat who moved in 3 months ago
  • Owners of more expensive homes with a higher amount of equity live in different value ecosystems and buy brands that fit their level
  • Victorian homes are far more likely to buy high end paint and decor

This approach to segmentation will transform how and where we serve the most relevant content to different audiences, be that in media channels or one-to-one communications.

Consumers buy from brands that make the effort to understand them and be relevant, so now is the time to reconsider how your segmentation is working.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business to better understand, segment and reach existing and prospective customers at genuine moments of peak propensity to purchase.