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ROI vs marketeers - a financial controller's point of view


As an accountant, there’s one thing I always ask the marketing team: “if you spend this £1, how many are you going to give me back?”.

It’s a simple question, and one that I would love all marketeers to keep in mind.

If one idea would bring in £5 and the other £10, I’m pretty sure I know which one you’d pick.

However obvious it seems though, the campaign with the better ROI isn’t always chosen.

Why? Surely marketing is there to generate revenue?


Back to the bottom line

As Financial Controller, my focus is usually on the bottom line. Whatever achieves the best result is a winner in my book.

However, the best medium of marketing can also be the most boring and old-fashioned.

With so many shiny new channels to play with, there’s often a reluctance to switch to or stick with the best value for money marketing.

Vanity over sanity.

Making a fancy social media post that links to the glossy TV ad may be fun, but does it provide the best ROI?

It may give us great brand awareness, but does that convert into sales?

I’d suggest this money would be better spent on a more efficient medium, such as a highly targeted email.


Keep it relevant

As consumers are bombarded with marketing messages via ever more channels, relevance has never been more important.

No doubt we’ll soon be seeing holograms popping up in the street, asking you to try this new tea infused with pineapple.

Yes, it’s modern and eye-catching but I don’t like tea (or pineapple), so no amount of clever tech would ever make me buy it.

From my point of view, it’s really simple: if it doesn’t get results, it doesn’t get my vote.

I choose sanity over vanity, every time.


Outperform all other media

At TwentyCi we’re all about reaching the right people at the right time.

It’s a well-worn marketing message I know, but the oldies really are the goodies sometimes.

We have a proven record of success and, crucially, can track activity through to sales with a high degree of accuracy.

Email marketing typically generates an ROI that outperforms all other media.

So the next time you have a marketing £1 to invest, be sure to give me a call.


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