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The 12 days of Homemoving: Where will consumers be spending next?

Christmas Advent (1)

As we’re now into the start of advent and Christmas is fast approaching, TwentyCi have put together our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas: The 12 Days of Homemoving  

Homemovers are incredibly valuable customers to a whole range of retailers, across many categories, spending significantly more than non-homemovers, and more frequently.  

Our 12 Days of Homemoving highlights some of the categories where this additional spend is occurring… 


Day 1. On the first day of Homemoving, I bought a sofa for my new living room 

Day 2. On the second day of Homemoving, I bought new paint for my bedroom 

Day 3. On the third day of Homemoving, I bought fence panels for my garden 

Day 4. On the fourth day of Homemoving, I ordered new kitchen units 

Day 5. On the fifth day of Homemoving, I bought a rug for the lounge  

Day 6. On the sixth day of Homemoving, I bought some new lights for the garage 

Day 7. On the seventh day of Homemoving, I ordered new windows for the conservatory 

Day 8. On the eighth day of Homemoving, I bought a dishwasher for the utility room 

Day 9. On the ninth day of Homemoving, I ordered a security system for the house 

Day 10. On the tenth day of Homemoving, I bought new taps for the bathroom 

Day 11. On the eleventh day of Homemoving, I ordered new carpets for the bedrooms 

Day 12. On the twelfth day of Homemoving, I bought wine, to sit and enjoy my new house with, and forget all the money I’ve spent!  


With over 550,000 people in the process of buying or selling a property in the United Kingdom right nowthere’s no better time to start targeting these high-value consumersTalk to TwentyCi to find out how we can put you in touch with them now.