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The boom of homemovers: where in the UK?

Across our recent posts, we've been examining the recent boom in homemovers in the UK and what this can mean for retailers wanting to take advantage of this high value and high propensity to spend audience. We've examined the specific audiences of homemovers that retailers can contact, and in this edition we're looking into where geographically these audiences are. 

If we break down the “moved in the last 12 months” audience by UK region, we can see the available quantities in the following map:

UK homemovers by region

So, wherever your business is located, there is a substantial number of homemovers for you to target.  

In terms of the other audiences, there is not a major difference between the regions, but how these are distributed is displayed in the following chart:

homemover stages by audience

Here, we see that the percentage of withdrawn properties is higher in London and lowest in Northern Ireland. The proportion and the absolute value of property for sale in Inner London is also greater than any other region.

In summary, homemovers in this volume will not be around forever and if you do not make the most of them now, then your competitors will. So, contact us today and let us put you in touch with these high value audiences.