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The Homemover Wave: identify when consumers are ready to start shopping...

Homemovers (2)-1

... by understanding the distinct stages of the homemover journey.

retail graphics 280 x 280-2Using our exclusive homemover data universe, we are able to advise the most optimum time for contacting consumers, curate specifically targeted messaging and deliver communications by best channel fit - all based on the known likelihood of consumers making purchases of associated products and services relating to the different stages of a home move.

With £12 billion spent every year in the UK on home related buys (excluding the property purchase and transaction costs), homemovers represent a highly lucrative consumer audience to many categories of retailer; including DIY, furniture, beds & sofas, kitchens & bathrooms, removals & storage, electronics & tech brands. This, combined with the fact that the average homemover expenditure period often begins 6 months prior to a home move and continues for more than 12 months beyond, makes for a very significant opportunity.

Did you know for example, that the best time to target most customers, is much earlier in the home move process than you may previously have thought? At the 'moving soon' stage, interest in storage solutions peaks, as people declutter their homes in preparation for move day. Sales of bedroom furniture and other household furniture also start increasing around 3 months before a move, with sales spiking in the month of move or 'moving now' stage, gradually declining over the six months following a move as occupants settle in.

After having 'just moved', paint sales and other DIY related buys begin to kick-in, as homeowners start to refresh decor before unpacking. Further ahead, at six months post-move, sales of household appliances are most commonly bought, with buying decisions often made based on marketing material received at the time of move.

As the graphic on the right illustrates, the Homemover Wave is broken down into specific stages.

Using the correct insight, there is a sizeable opportunity available for smart brands to generate increased revenue. Is it time for a new approach?

Find out more about how TwentyCi has helped retailers reach Homemovers.

Data sourced from analysis of the TwentyCi homemover universe, updated daily with details of 99.6% of UK movers at the pre-move stage, our data is the most in-depth and accurate in the UK.

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