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The impending Brexit Bite & Marketing 3.0

Posted by Nick McConnell December 15, 2020

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As the impact of Brexit starts to bite, with the devalued pound driving up the cost of imports and fuelling inflation, business budgets are already feeling the pressure.

And nowhere more so than the marketing department.

So where does the smart money lie in 2017 when it comes to driving online traffic and in-store footfall?

Big broadcast, small impact

When it comes to the crunch, traditionalists turn to above the line marketing, pumping budget and resource into big, glossy broadcast campaigns.

But media consumption has changed. This isn’t 1984, where a well-executed prime-time TV ad or full-page Sunday paper slot would strip shelves bare of a promoted product.

The enormous number of channels now available has diluted the impact of even the most impressive mainstream media campaign.

Enter intelligent targeting

The savvy marketer knows that when times are tough and consumer spending drops, targeting 100% of the population to achieve 0.3% engagement is money down the drain.

Instead, a little careful segmentation can go a very long way, cutting costs and boosting ROI.

While an ATL ad can create a background hum of awareness, promotions should be reserved for a carefully-chosen audience who are already engaged and have shown intent to buy. A smaller pool perhaps, but one that’s far more likely to react.

In one recent success, the team here at TwentyCi delivered an ROI of £25:£1 on sales revenue for a furniture retailer, through a carefully-targeted, Life Event programme focused on Home Movers. Delivered with a fully-integrated DM and email campaign.

So when the CEO challenges you to drive traffic and footfall, don’t be drawn into a big-budget, ego-boosting broadcast campaign. Instead, make a case for intelligent targeting. The numbers will speak for themselves.

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At TwentyCi, we focus on consumers key Life Events and use data insights unique to your business to accurately pinpoint customers with the highest propensity to engage with your brand.

We’ll then help you reach these prospects with a powerful message delivered on the right channel at the right time – Marketing in the Moment.

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