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The key pillars of a successful life event marketing campaign

Posted by Josie Watson December 15, 2020


Following our recent launch of TwentyCi Digital, we've been reflecting once more on our unique approach to consumer engagement: life event contextual marketing. Simply put, this strategy is about reaching your target consumers at the moments in their lives where, triggered by a life event, greater likelihood to purchase occurs.

In a recent feature, Life event marketing: putting the consumer into context, published by The Global Marketing Alliance, our Director of Digital Solutions, Paul Hickey, shares real life examples of life event marketing in practice. Included are tips and best practice guidance for how you too can reach your target consumers at moments of peak engagement.

So what are the three key pillars for any marketer looking to apply a life event strategy into their marketing mix?

1. Data – recency of data is of the utmost importance and it should always be factual, not inferred. Never assume where data is concerned - the data will tell the truths and provide the insight needed to inform a brand's specific activity.

2. Content – ensure communications are contextually relevant in terms of both timing and messaging. Optimise your creative and messaging according to your segments. What important insights must you consider that are important to your market?

3. Omni-channel – the consumer journey is no longer linear so you need an understanding of where your customers are so that you reach them in the right way. With multiple channels available, consider which will best engage for the action you are looking to generate?

You can read the full article here on The GMA website


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