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The Top 5 purchases made by Homemovers


Homemovers are the most valuable consumers on the planet. Outside of the buying of their home, a staggering £12 billion* is spent by Homemovers every year.

Top 5 homemover purchases

Based on our 10 years of implementing and managing marketing programmes for national & local retailers our insight highlights the following top 5 purchases made by a homemovers -  

No 1 – Sofas & Armchairs
No 2 – Beds
No 3 – Dining Tables & Chairs
No 4 – Carpets & Flooring
No 5 – Soft Furnishings

Top categories for homemover spending

Beyond the top 5 purchases, the categories where most money is spent are: –  

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms  
  • Electricals 
  • DIY 
  • New & Used Cars  

For those brands in the top 5 “sweet spot” as much as 30% of all footfall & traffic is from homemovers, yet despite the volume & value many brands have a blindspot to this high value segment with no recognition or specific engagement strategy. 

For the programmes we are involved with, either as a wholly GDPR compliant homemover data provider or full service agency, we typically see homemover marketing programmes deliver an ROI of £20:1 with a significant uplift in demand in the 3-months prior to a move & peaking in the month of the move and continuing for up to 6 months post move.  

As the leading provider of data and insight across the UK residential property market, we have 67% more data than our next nearest competitorWe are also multi-channel with engagement available across direct mail, email, social, digital display, mobile and television.  

If you are charged with filling the void left by the lockdown, talk to us today about how your own tailored marketing programme can better engage with consumers at the moments they are most likely to buy: contact .  

TwentyCi | | 01908 829300

*Research by Aviva