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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Targeting Leads

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020

TwentyCi’s unique online portal captures over 99.6% of home movers and is the largest and most comprehensive pre and post-mover database in the UK. Updated weekly, combines data from over 40 sources to include key demographic attributes within the home move process. 


Here are our top 10 mistakes to avoid when targeting leads with direct mail and other marketing materials: 

  1. Waiting too long.

Once you’ve established your target customers, don’t wait too long before sending out your marketing materials. You don’t want to miss out on buyers finding alternatives through their own searches if you leave it too late.

  1. Sending Second Class.

On that note, sending via second class post could mean that your competitors reach your leads before you do, so it's best to use first class to arrive as soon as possible.

  1. Unprofessional looking marketing materials.

If your mailers look and feel amateur and messy, people won't want to engage with your business and employ your services.

  1. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

These kind of mistakes on your marketing materials can make them look highly unprofessional and give customers a negative impression of your business. Make sure you ask someone to have a quick read through of anything you send out, just to double check!

  1. Failing to monitor and track your results.

You’ve sent out a campaign, and have started to receive phone calls from people wanting to book your services. But how do you know if this is due to your marketing campaign and targeting leads? Having an offer code on the materials that customers can quote when they call enables you to track responses and attribute ROI.

  1. Not incentivising the marketing materials.

Customers are much more likely to respond when offered some sort of discount or special offer. The word “free” is also a key buzzword for many customers.

  1. Excluding any form of Call To Action.

A potential customer has received your marketing materials, but what do you want them to do next? If you fail to include a call to action, customers can’t respond. Be specific and direct, for example, “Call 01234 567890 for a free quote”.

  1. Not testing and adjusting.

Don’t just assume that the first marketing collateral that you send out is going to be the best. Keep changing the copy, artwork and even the target customers – see what performs best for you and adjust your marketing materials based on this.

  1. Poor surrounding customer impression.

You’ve sent out a great mailer, the lead now wants to engage with your services, but when they phone no-one answers. Make sure that anything the customer sees or interacts with is of the highest quality e.g. website, social media, phone etiquette etc. You’ve got them this far, don’t put them off at the last minute.

  1. Using an un-targeted, low quality data source for leads.

Even with the most compelling marketing materials in the world, if you’re targeting the wrong people or at the wrong time, you’re not going to be successful. That’s where TwentyCi's MoverAlerts come in!

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