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Twenty Twenty Vision - Delving into Data 25: Update on Scotland

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 15, 2020

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For this edition of Delving into Data we take a look at recent performance of the Scottish Housing Market in comparison to the rest of the UK. 

Scottish properties have an average asking price of £188,972, which is 45% less that the national average, and, at 202 days, have greater average length on the market that the national average. Interestingly, the proportion of properties available for sale (sale base) is also lower than the national average at 1.07%. This evidence shows that the Scottish housing market is not as strong as the rest of the UK, but where are the interesting hotspots in Scotland?

The capital, Edinburgh, comfortably has the highest asking price of any area in Scotland, followed by Perth and then Aberdeen. Edinburgh also has the lowest length of properties on market in Scotland, with a home having been on the market for 108.74 days before being removed. This translates as Edinburgh having higher than average demand for property, and having a comparatively buoyant property market. To put this into perspective, when ranking all UK postcode areas by average asking price, Edinburgh is sandwiched between Birmingham and Llandrindod Wells.

Postcode Area Sale Base Average Current Price Average Time On Market (Days)
Birmingham 11,638 £249,366 126.08
Edinburgh 3,191 £248,274 108.74
Llandrindod Wells 576 £244,720 265.13


Galashiels and Dumfries are the postcode areas with the highest sale bases in Scotland – 2.07% and 1.95% respectively – with Galashiels also having a higher-than-the-Scottish average asking price of £192k. Coincidentally, these two postcode areas also happen to be the two most southerly areas of Scotland. Comparing the sale bases of the two English neighbours we can see there is a higher than usual sale base for all four areas. 

Postcode Area Sale Base Average Current Price Average Time On Market (Days)
Carlisle 3,799 £197,941 229.74
Dumfries 1,475 £176,035 428.23
Newcastle Upon Tyne 11,349 £182,565 207.96
Galashiels 1,242 £192,152 317.66


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