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Twenty Twenty Vision - Delving into Data 46: Greenest cities in Britain


Earlier this month marked a record for the UK. For the first time since the 1880s, we have had a coal-free week, thanks to more and more renewable energies being provided. While many argue that this is too little too late, it is a remarkable achievement, nonetheless.

In this week's Delving into Data we will be looking at the top five greenest cities in Britain (according to an article by First Mile)  and the current housing prices within these areas.

5) Oxford. Oxford is home to the second oldest university in the world and drives a lot of tourists to the city because of this. Average house prices in the city are £444,826 with the average time on market at 147 days which is just 5 days higher than the national average.

4) York. York is home to the KitKat, with three million KitKat bars being made everyday. The average house price in York is £270,540 and average time on market sitting at 140, so 2 days faster than the national average.

3) Glasgow. Scotland now takes the top three spots for greenest cities, leading the way for the rest of Britain. Glasgow has the lowest plastic use for a city in the UK. Average house property prices are £175,001 spending 90 days on the market - a whooping 52 days faster than the national average.

2) Aberdeen. Aberdeen sits at number two with the best air quality in a major city in the UK. The average house prices in the city are £217,116, however the average time on market is 216 days.

1) Edinburgh. Edinburgh ranks in at number one providing the best major city for green space in Britain. Home to 112 parks and the worlds only knighted penguin, Sir Nils Olav. Average housing prices are £259,530, spending just 83 days on average on the market.

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