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TwentyCi & Eyeota Deliver Enriched Homemover Audiences

Posted by TwentyCi December 15, 2020

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TwentyCi are pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, to provide qualified audiences to brands and agencies targeting UK consumers at key life-stages, with TwentyCi's property and homemover data and expertise.

Paul Hickey, our Director of Digital Solutions, says, “It’s well known that audiences at significant life-stages have a higher propensity to spend on categories such as auto, retail and finance. TwentyCi is very excited to partner with Eyeota to connect brands and marketers to this affluent, high-spending audience.”

TwentyCi's property data is activated digitally through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace and made available across various platforms for programmatic advertising campaigns. TwentyCi's factual property data covers the entire house purchasing cycle, including pre-movers, move planners, nest builders, and homemakers.

Integrated via Eyeota’s proprietary heuristic onboarding methodology, our data is matched to Eyeota’s online profiles, enriching audiences and creating a more complete view of targets. Advertisers can target audiences based on home and property data, demographics, interest and life-stage data, and purchase intent in retail, automotive and lifestyle.

“The demand for real estate audiences are on the rise. In 2017, we saw a 3.3x demand for real estate audiences across different advertiser sectors,” said Aaron Jackson, Managing Director, EMEA, Eyeota. “Our partnership with TwentyCi helps advertisers accurately identify audiences at different stages in life, providing valuable insights into their purchase and lifestyle behaviours. With a better understanding, advertisers are better equipped to deliver relevant content at the right time, helping to ensure the efficacy of their campaigns.”

With a 99.6% coverage of UK properties in the process of sale using more than 4,000 different data points, TwentyCi has a unique and expansive reach of the UK market. Our data is derived from a wide range of multiple GDPR-compliant sources. To read more about our data and how our property expertise can help brands, click here

About Eyeota

With more than four billion unique profiles across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, Eyeota is the global leader in audience data. Eyeota’s data empowers marketers, advertisers and agencies to deliver targeted campaigns and engage with the right audiences, while enabling publishers and data suppliers to monetize their audiences more widely. Certified by numerous data privacy associations around the world, including the NAI, IAB and EDAA, Eyeota ensures its data is trusted and secure. The company was founded in 2010 and has offices in Berlin, Detroit,
London, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. For more information, visit