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UK Housing Market Update: A look back at Q4 of 2015

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020


Using our unique homemover database, we’ve taken a look back at the end of 2015 to see how the housing market stacked up – both against Q3 and the same period in 2014.


Sales were down 26% on average against Q3, with 4-bed homes dipping 30%. After the South East, the Midlands had the second highest number of sales, with 25,436 homes changing hands for an average of £259,596 – just above the national average of £245,620.

North East

Sales dipped year on year by 3% in this part of the UK, and by 28% on Q3. The only property sizes to see an increase in price against the same period in 2014 were 1 and 6-bed homes, which rose by 8% and 10% respectively. The average property price was £231,373.

North West

Against Q3, the North West saw a decrease in sales, with dips in sales of 7 bed homes in particular at 46%. 17,077 properties were sold in the region in Q4, placing it third in the rankings. The average property price was £223,702.

Northern Ireland

Year on year, Northern Ireland saw the biggest average growth in house sales, which were up 20% on Q4 of 2014. Against Q3 though, sales were down 24% on average, with prices also dropping by an average of 4%. The average property price was £192,681.


Sales in Scotland were down 13% on Q3 but up 2% year on year. Prices were down an average of 3% against Q3 and down 5% year on year, but both figures were skewed by drops in the value of 7+-bed homes, which fell by 15% on Q3 and 26% on Q4 of 2014. The average property price was £223,945.

South East

The South East remained the most expensive area to buy, with an average price of £341,560. Sales were down 31% on average against Q3 and slumped by 17% year on year as prices rose by an average of 6% against Q4 of 2014. Total sales for the quarter were 37,621.

South West

Sales in the South West were down 22% on average against Q3 and down 3% compared to the end of 2014. Both year on year and against the previous quarter, prices were stable apart from in the 7+-bed category (down 4% on Q3 and down 12% on Q4 of 2014). The average property price was £283,473.


House sales in Wales dropped an average of 27% against the previous quarter, while compared to Q4 of 2014 sales increased 13%. The average property price was £231,494.


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