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Why Mass Mail to a Random Audience When You Could Mail to Home Movers?

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How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? 

It’s easy for your inbox to overflow with hundreds, if not thousands of unread email messages. If an email subject line is interesting, people are more likely to open it.

Similarly, if it's a brand, people are familiar with, they will explore what's new and seek out any available discount codes. But what if you are not so well known, or just starting up? Breaking through digital noise is almost impossible, or expensive. Direct mail should be the first point of call for every marketer seeking to raise brand awareness via cold outreach. Don’t get deleted, read on.


Results that spark your imagination (and revenue)

20% more reach than Facebook

20x higher engagement than email

70% greater brand recall than display

£19:0 typical ROI in Retail Marketing

People are tired of ads

Technology fatigue is why direct mail is suddenly having a resurgence. A report from Kantar has shown that consumers are suffering from ad fatigue, with bombardment and oversaturation, putting the UK ad industry at risk. The research firm's Dimensions report found that almost three-quarters (73%) of UK consumers had seen the same ads 'repeatedly. The tactile experience of a beautifully crafted piece of mail is refreshing to today’s consumer. Instead of your brand being lost in a sea of digital marketing begging to be noticed, with direct mail, you are inside the very homes of the consumers you want to become your customers.

Attention magnet

Direct Mail commands attention, and this gives your brand immediate credibility. And when a business is credible, it is trusted. And when it’s trusted, 59% of consumers are more likely to purchase from it. (Source: Edelman.)

Massive brand recall

Your mailer, and effectively your brand – remains in the home of your prospective customer. And not just for a couple of days. JICMAIL found the average number of days is 8.17 days. That’s not all! It’s also interacted with 3.39 times over 28 days. Think what that does for brand recall!

Don’t target the masses, target home movers

Direct mail can only be effective if supported by some savvy, data-driven strategies happening in the background.

Our home furnishing clients see a regular £20:1 return on investment when they combine targeting specific audiences–home movers in their moving process, or post-move with direct mail and amplify it with mobile or email marketing. As you can see in our guide, one of our clients has generated £8.4 million of marketing revenue purely from smartly orchestrated and targeted direct mail campaigns. Sweet, right?

Not sure if you are doing it right? Get in touch. We have over 15 years of experience working with retail clients and providing complex analyses of their databases to fix leaky lead generation buckets.

We are one of the relatively few agencies bringing home mover data to direct mail. Mailing the right audience is surely better than mass mailing a random audience and we have a lot of data analysis behind our belt to prove it.

We would love to work with you!