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Why working from home means direct mail should now be your new secret weapon

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Like many other companies in the current crisis, we have been telling people to work from home where they can and have split our office into two teams so that half are in at any one time.  This means we keep the business running effectively whilst trying to minimise the risk to our operations.

What this means is, like so many other organisations, we will have more people working from home more often.

This raises some questions for brands who are trying to keep customers engaged and moreover, buying.

It is likely that store footfall will fall away in the coming weeks, with many stores having seen this already, and as a consequence - assuming delivery networks are still functioning effectively - the following is likely to happen; in store sales will fall but online sales will increase, and moreover, those customers who do come into store are more likely to buy as they are not “speculative” visitors.

This presents some interesting channel and messaging questions for brands. Given the fight for “share of voice” in the digital landscape as more people spend more time on laptops and mobiles, we may see greater competition coming and prices for digital media space rising as a result.

It is also the case that those working from home will have more time to consider purchases and their options. This could therefore be a good time to consider dialling up the use of direct mail. Potential customers working from home will have more time to open and consider the contents of a mailing piece and will be passing the door mat more times per day rather than rushing out to get to work.

Of course there is a cost and a lead time for sending direct mail but given how many of us will be spending all day at home for who knows who long, this might be a good time to break out the stamps.

Just a thought…


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