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A CRM revolution for 2018

Posted by Danny Crowe December 15, 2020

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With data now a central part of almost every interaction between consumers and a brand, TwentyCi’s Planning Director, Danny Crowe, asks if it’s time to reimagine and redefine the role of CRM.

Whether you’re in retail or leisure, the finance sector or the property market, data is everywhere, and its sources and uses are becoming more and more diverse. The days of one simple data set sitting neatly in one central system, being managed by one team are fast becoming extinct. In fact, it could be argued that Big Data is actually lots of Small Data dispersed around an organisation.

And therein lies the challenge.

Today’s consumers – particularly Millennials – expect an integrated experience across all devices, with every transaction and event syncing in real timeSo while marketers are trying to use data to build relationships, consumers just want seamless, modern service. That’s why across all sectors, we’re now seeing old-fashioned brand loyalty give way to loyalty based on functionality, service, convenience and relevance.

While companies that started online and have grown into retail have shaped their whole business around this data-driven approach, this poses a significant technology challenge to more traditional organisations. 

Thats why CRM should no longer sit in the marketing department, where its treated purely as a communication channel.

True CRM is now about managing a conversation with the customer, regardless of when or where it takes place, or who within the organisation is on the other side. That’s why we also believe that conversation management should be a board position, with all the focus and investment that entails.

Given that the majority of businesses don’t currently have marketing represented at board level though, we’re some way from this being a reality. Today, its too easy for 18-month tenure CMOs to revamp a company’s advertising rather than invest in a customer service-driven solution. But we expect the CMO of the future to come from a digital and data background, with the brand team being just one part of a data-driven organisation. How otherwise, can a business truly put the customer first?

But CRM itself needs to come of age, too. Only by evolving from a marketing function to board room priority and part of a company’s intrinsic culture, will it prove its value. As history has shown, brands that don’t adapt will either lose ground or simply die – note the 50% of Fortune 500 companies operating at the turn of the millennium that have now disappeared.

Change is here, its consumer-driven, and CRM needs to redefine itself to manage and capitalise on those important customer interactions. So make sure youre part of the conversation.

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