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Contextually Targeted Acquisition for the Electrical Retail Sector

Posted by Josie Watson December 14, 2020


Recently we were commissioned to work with the UK’s largest electrical retailer to boost their existing marketing activity with an acquisition programme targeted exclusively to attract home movers.

New Customer Acquisition

At TwentyCi, we know that key points of a home mover journey act as triggers for increased consumer engagement, and fundamentally, signal greater consumer intent to purchase home move associated products, such as new electrical goods.

Using TwentyCi’s comprehensive home mover data universe, we developed a marketing programme to target home movers 8 weeks prior to moving, as well as at the actual point of move. Our objective was to engage with the consumer at two key moments in the home mover journey – firstly, whilst researching new electrical appliances and products for their new home, and secondly, as they made purchase decisions once in a position to make the move.

Both email and direct mail were used to promote a range of small and large electrical appliances, chosen for their relevance to engage at a given contextually relevant moment, with marketing promotions being sent to 20,000 data records each week of the campaign.

Results Outcome

Initial results from the home mover engagement programme delivered a double digit ROI significantly greater than any previous activity.

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