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Decision Time: Are You Missing The Boat With Buyers?

Posted by Rhiana Duckett December 14, 2020


Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time is a key part of any successful marketing strategy.

That’s why we decided to dig a little deeper into our homemover database, to see what movers decide to buy and when.

From choosing storage to picking furniture, appliances and even paint, we were surprised by some of the results.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • Bed and furniture sales start increasing around three months before a move, peak in the month of the move then drop off over the following six months.
  • Interest in storage peaks three months before a move, as people start to declutter and get organised.
  • Sales of household appliances are most common six months after moving, but decisions are made using brochures ordered at the time of the move.
  • Paint sales peak just days after a house move, as home-owners get to work freshening things up before unpacking.
  • Similar patterns can be found when it comes to mortgages, insurance and utilities too.

So what does this tell us?

The all-important “right time” might be earlier than you think. That means that using data from postal redirections and the land registry will mean you miss the boat.

Currently, the only way to reach this lucrative lifestage group at the pre-move stage is by using TwentyCi’s unique homemover database.

Updated daily with details of 99.4% of UK movers at the pre-move stage, our database is the most in-depth and accurate in the UK.

In 2015 alone, we generated tens of millions of pounds in incremental revenue for some of the UK’s leading retailers, and a bespoke, highly-targeted mailing list could cost as little as 30p per address.

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