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Powerful property profiling: Take targeting to the next level with DOMUS

Posted by TwentyCi December 10, 2020


Whether you’re an estate agent or a DIY retailer, you probably already use socio-demographic data to make sure your marketing reaches the right audience of home-owners or renters.

But without more in-depth property details, you could be missing a vital piece of the prospect puzzle. After all, no two homes are ever the same.

See the full picture

Covering 26 million residential properties, TwentyCi’s powerful DOMUS tool will help you create highly-detailed Property Portraits for the ultimate single customer view.

Property Portraits include information such as:

  • Property type
  • Number of rooms
  • Age of property
  • Tenure
  • Property curtilage
  • Energy Performance Certificate details

And there are many other variables besides.

Simply define the properties you’d like to reach and we’ll overlay the results with even more information, including:

  • Household information
    • Income
    • Socio-demographic details
    • Dependants
  • Personal information
    • Age
    • Interests and hobbies
    • Credit score
    • Investments
  • Marketing preferences
    • Channel permissions

Updated every 7 days, DOMUS offers unparalleled accuracy and insight – so you can create highly-targeted campaigns that drive great results.

DOMUS in action

Using DOMUS, we helped a leading DIY chain promote kitchen and bathroom offers to home-owners who’d recently moved in to 4-bed detached houses.

A later campaign took those with a garden and overlaid an interest in gardening and the outdoors to boost seasonal sales.

Whether you want to refine your targeting or reach an entirely new audience, get started by calling 01908 829 300 or emailing