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Reach and acquire high value consumers


In years gone by targeting potential consumers by direct marketing channels such as email, direct mail and social, would entail providing the marketing agency with demographic and geographical information about who your best customers are, they would then use this to define your new audience for a marketing campaign using a one size fits all approach. This still works, but returns have been falling away for years.

Here at TwentyCi, we believe that there is a much better way – by selecting for example consumers in the Mosaic profile “Domestic Success” and who live in a particular area, it is highly likely that there are some parts of this audience you would be better not targeting. And it is also likely that from within other Mosaic profiles there will be pockets of audiences which would perform well in your campaign - this is where machine learning approaches come in, so we can get you the greatest return on your marketing spend.  In short reaching those new customers who are most likely to buy and spend more rather than those who happen to just live in a similar place.

Our successful data driven approach delivering footfall and traffic for our clients through a media economic and efficient approach is driven by the petabytes of information in our big data universe (DOMUS), alongside the historical insight a clients transactional database holds. Our universe covers all 30 million residential properties in the UK and comprehensively incorporates all key attributes, including -

  • the demographic insight
  • the exact geographic location
  • the environmental factors
  • the property characteristics

By analysing your transactional data alongside our data universe, we can determine the optimum profile of a prospect at a granularity not previously available, we call this approach Buyhavioural marketing (buying behaviour), this approach delivers media efficiency and effective engagement which typically drives a £20 return for every £1 spent.

So, if you own the task of recovering the last few months of lost value that the lockdown has cost your organisation, we can help...get in touch today.

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