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Reach the Audiences Facebook Can't


Are you frustrated by the ever-reducing targeting options on Facebook? TwentyCi has partnered with Ads360 so we can access audiences that Facebook can’t!  

Over the last few years, Facebook has been steadily removing targeting options from what it calls special ad categories, which is the ability to drill down targets for specific types of advertising to refine your audience. Audience refinement is a key part of any successful marketing campaign, it reduces waste and ensures your message reaches relevant audiences. 


The four categories affected are currently -  

  • Employment Ads 
  • Credit-Ads 
  • Social & Political  
  • Housing 

The housing category restriction significantly impacts brands operating in residential property, house building and house improvement, insurance, mortgage and consumer banking and many other sectors. The restrictions are as follows: 

  • Age targeting restricted to “all adults” 
  • No gender targeting 
  • No postcode targeting  
  • Geo-restricted to a minimum of 15 miles
  • No look-alike audiences  

Why does this matter? 

It's simple, less targeting means more wastage. Let’s take the example of a housebuilder. In the UK 35% of people move less than five miles so a fifteen-mile radius means a lot of wasted impressions. Furthermore, the average age of a first-time buyer is thirty-three so why would you want age targeting as broad as 18-65?  

Or in the case of a home improvements DIY retail brand, which may only want to target consumers with products for a specific demographic e.g., they look like existing customers and customers would probably travel more than 15 miles for significant purchases. A large chain would want this to be much less. 

Reach even more consumers with mobile advertising! 

Every experienced advertiser knows that focusing on a single advertising channel is not as effective as amplifying the message through multiple advertising sources.  If you are trying to reach consumers in the home moving journey, we have a powerful mobile advertising solution created in collaboration with AdMessenger, which can help you significantly increase your return on investment.  

  • Target audiences in a 100m radius of a specific property  
  • Identify audience hotspots 
  • Tap into in-market audiences such as recent/current movers and those likely to instruct
  • Target properties by hundreds of specific attributes e.g., rented, owned, has a conservatory etc. 

Find out how we have helped a large national bed retailer achieve a 50% sales uplift by combining mobile advertising with direct mail campaigns. 


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