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The top 3 steps retailers can take to engage with homemovers


On any day of the week homemovers will likely represent a retailer's most valuable customers. Spending over £12 billion per annum in addition to the house transaction, the breadth and duration of expenditure is intense.

So how does a brand engage with this highly valuable audience?


1.  Timing

The expenditure on a home move starts many months in advance of the actual moving day with DIY a primary beneficiary as the home owner prepares their home for sale.

Closer to moving day research and pre-ordering of larger items of furniture occurs, with delivery timescales foremost in the customers mind.

In the month immediately following moving day almost every retail category experiences an uplift – beds, sofas, DIY, electricals soft furnishings, flooring - and this expenditure extends for several months as the larger investments in new kitchens & bathrooms are prioritised. 


2. Targeting

As marketers, we normally obsess about targeting the right profile of customer; the contradiction with targeting the homemover is that the new occupant of a home will immediately adopt similar spending behaviours to the previous occupant.

If you are moving from a one bedroom flat to a three bedroom semi-detached house, your buying behaviour will reflect the latter & not the former.

The property type & location becomes a significant factor in the marketing approach.


3. Reach

Omnichannel marketing is a prerequisite for generating reach and “touching” the consumer at all vantage points.

However based on over 8 years of experience and demonstrable results, whilst a digital presence through social and display advertising is essential to give a reassuring “background” marketing hum, direct to consumer marketing via email or direct mail are the most effective channels to generate a superior ROI.

In particular, providing the customer with a tangible item of DM, whether this is a postcard or brochure ensures the brand offer persists behind a simple click.


If you would like to know more about our award winning homemover marketing programmes and the superior results our data & strategic insight delivers drop me a line or give me a call.

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