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Planning for the other side - Those who are due to move in May – July

For Sale House

As we look forward to a little later in the year, with the extension of the stamp duty holiday we expect there to be 350,000 homeowners moving home from May to July this year.

The process of moving creates a waterfall of expenditure across a multitude of sectors and categories including estate agents, conveyancers, removers, mortgages, insurances, broadband, carpets, curtains, decorating, furniture, kitchens & bathrooms. The picture below shows whether these transactions fall pre or post move.

Blog 4 - Want to Move

A home mover really is the most valuable consumer on the planet collectively spending in excess of £12 billion per annum in addition to the transaction value.

Here at TwentyCi we are the leading data & insight provider for the UK property market and compared to our next best competitor, TwentyCi have 67% more households. We are also multi-channel with engagement available across direct mail, email, social, digital display, mobile and television. We can help you engage with new audiences that you haven’t engaged with before and tell you who of your existing customers are in the home move journey so you can change the communications you send them, making them more relevant.

For the marketing programmes we support, our data & insight typically delivers an ROI of over £20 to every £1 spent.

If you would like to engage with the most valuable consumers or just want to know more, you can contact Nick McConnell at or Colin Bradshaw at

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