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Top tips for engaging homemovers

Homemovers (1)

Homemovers spend £12 billion with retailers each year in the UK. From furniture and appliances, to energy suppliers, and even car sales, homemovers represent a significant and lucrative audience which brands should consider targeting.

Here we've put together some of our top tips for how you can engage homemovers.

  1. Timing – through our Homemover Wave analysis, we can help you to identify when homemovers are going to engage with your brand, this will inform when you should communicate to get the best return on your investment.
  2. Creative – knowing what homemovers will buy from you and when is crucial to inform your creative to make it relevant to your target audience.
  3. Channel – execute your campaign over the media channel best suited to your customers. This may be using a mix of channels where an integrated marketing campaign is best.
  4. Media Efficiency – refocusing budget from above the line advertising to below the line marketing, to target high propensity audiences is key.
  5. Customer audience – our homemover audiences can also be used as a match for your existing customer database, allowing you to pinpoint patterns of buying behaviour through the data within your own ecosystem and then drive relevant messages through your own communication programmes.
  6. Acquisition & retention audiences – exploit the power of homemover data as an opportunity to win new customers and by reinforcing your offer to maintain existing customers.

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