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Top tips for success on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday are undeniably significant trading dates for retailers. In 2018 in the UK alone, consumers spent £1.49 billion online; an increase of 7.3% against the £1.39 billion spent online in 2017. The weekend also kicks-starts the final shopping run-up to Christmas, representing a key time during the 'golden quarter' for many retailers, where attracting customers is vital.

To make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we've put together our top tips for how to inform & attract customers to buy from your business:

1. Warm-up message
Make customers and potential customers aware ahead of time that you are planning Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday offers. We would recommend communicating with your target audience around a week before the date that your offer/s will launch. This provides the opportunity for your audience to research your products and/or services ahead of time, allowing you the chance to begin to create and build anticipation and excitement around your campaign.

2. Follow-up
Once you have launched your campaign, there's a prime opportunity to communicate again with your audience to make sure it's known that your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are now available.

3. Channel
When it comes to how you will share your communications, email is the obvious choice, given its speed of delivery and low cost, but this will obviously be dependent on the size of your email database. Online advertising will probably also play a big part in your campaign for similar reasons. Whatever your choice of channel, consider carefully why it is the right choice and best fit for your business and the customers you are looking to engage.

4. Message
Keep your message simple. When it comes to email, we find that across the vast range of communications we send on behalf of our clients, it's broadly the key top navigation section and the hero graphics of an email that achieve the most clicks. If you know what products your existing customers and target customers are likely to buy next, through any behavioural marketing and/or tracking you may be performing, you'll also be able to use insights from this activity to better inform your message.

Talk to us today about how we can support your Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns with access to customers who fit your brand profile.

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