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Understand the key customer life events that drive purchase


How to improve relevancy to attract the right consumers

A leading UK catalogue retailer seeking to improve the relevancy of their marketing communications to their existing customers appointed TwentyCi to assess whether there was a significant link between customer engagement, purchase behaviour and major life events such as moving home.

The analysis & insight

An analysis project was initiated by aligning 2 years’ worth of client customer transactions with TwentyCi’s Life Event database. By overlaying the transactions with key events in a customer’s life, TwentyCi was immediately able to identify a significant correlation between transactions and a home move (across all home moves to include buying, selling and renting). Key to the insight was a change to the mix of products the customer interacted with during a home move; for example, we saw a reduction in engagement and purchase of fashion & personal accessories and a substantial increase in home furnishings and home wares.

The campaign

The insight derived from the consultancy was implemented in two key ways – 

  1. The client invested in a weekly data feed from TwentyCi that highlighted all UK properties involved in a home move (to include buying, selling & renting transactions). These properties were then overlaid with the client's existing database and a home mover flag applied. (A home mover flag being where an individual is identified as a consumer known to be active in the home mover journey).
  2. Utilising the home mover flag, the client amended their marketing content plan to change the mix of products and messaging served to those customers in a home move, highlighting relevant home furnishings and home wares. 

The results

The insight resulting from the consultancy when combined with the home mover flag has enabled the client to significantly improve the relevancy and engagement of their marketing programme and in turn provide a material increase in the ROI. 


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