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Retail emergency? Dial homemovers for rescue

For many in retail, there is undoubtedly a further sense of foreboding with sales having fallen for the fifth month in a row in September, with people spending less in shops despite Covid restrictions easing throughout the summer.

Non-food stores were hit hardest by the decline in sales, with customers buying fewer household goods and furniture - (Source: BBC) with Darren Morgan, director of economic statistics at the ONS, observing: "Household goods were the main driver of this month's decline, with a fall of nearly 10%".

From a consumer marketing perspective, placing a clearer focus on homemovers as a central pillar of activity will, based on our experience, deliver a more immediate uplift than a general approach.

The home moving process drives an explosion of expenditure across a wide range of sectors and categories, from furniture and DIY, to automotive. Aviva estimates that over £12 billion is spent by homemovers each year in addition to the value of the property purchase making the homemover the most valuable consumer group on the planet during the period of moving.

We recently published our quarterly Property & Homemover Report (PHMR) providing a comprehensive overview of the huge volume and value that is occurring within the residential property market since May 2020 – we've included a chart below showing the volume since 2010. There are currently over one million homeowners in the process of moving or who have recently moved.

Volume of Transactions-1

Utilising this homemover data for targeted marketing campaigns can bring huge gains and strong ROI across multiple sectors and categories, particularly in times of uncertainty and reduced footfall and revenue.

Our GDPR compliant data is available across all digital channels including mobile, email, and social, as well as offline through direct mail.

Why not find out more about how TwentyCi can help you harness these opportunities? Drop us a line with any questions.