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The return of the catalogue?


We have seen non-essential retail stores closed for a significant proportion of 2020, and this has left retailers with a challenge on how they can promote their often-vast product ranges to their existing and potential customers.

This year at TwentyCi we have been running programmes which have a higher proportion of direct mail as part of the media mix than ever before, with retailers favouring formats larger than an A5 postcard.

The Guardian recently published an article which shared the insight that a significant number of brands were favouring the larger formats such as catalogues. Take Argos for example, who had moved away from their traditional catalogues to a digital led approach. For 2020 they have posted their Christmas gift guide to 1 million households, supported with a TV advert which puts the catalogue at the heart of its campaign – not a small investment for sure!

The Guardian has also reported that many brands are trying direct mail for the very first time. We are confident these brands will have recognised that with people spending more time at home, there is a unique opportunity to convert more prospects to customers at the same time as raising their brand profile.

Based on the persistence of Covid-19 and the ongoing restrictions to our liberties we believe that this opportunity for Direct Mail spans beyond 2020 into at least H1 of 2021. Not all brands have a significant budget to invest in Direct Mail, therefore it is important that any investment reaches an audience which has the highest propensity to convert. At TwentyCi we can work with you to create unique acquisition audiences that match the profile of your existing customers, and the product areas you wish to promote, so get in touch with us today for an initial conversation.

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