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Planning for the other side - Those who moved home during lockdown 3.0


For many of our clients, engaging with homemovers is a cornerstone of their marketing strategy given the high volume & value of transactions that a home move drives. With stores closed and the property market effectively on ice, we confidently expect a surge in consumer activity when lockdown is relaxed. 

Focusing on those consumers who were previously “in-market” but thwarted by the lockdown will deliver immediate revenue opportunities.

Once we reach 12th April there will have been over 450,000 home moves in the owner-occupied sector & a further 129,000 in the rental sector since the start of 2021. For brands each move represents a significant high value prospective customer.

Moving into a new home drives an explosion of expenditure across a wide range of sectors and categories. The graphic below outlines some of the key lines of spending that a home move kicks off.  The average homemover spends over £12k during the period after having just moved in.

Blog 2 - Already Moved In

As you can see this spend is across a range of goods and services making them extremely valuable.

With our unparalleled experience of managing marketing programmes that engage with homemovers, our knowledge & insight successfully delivers significant revenue across a broad range of sectors and categories.

Compared to our next best competitor, TwentyCi have –

  • 67% more households
  • 5 times the number of homemover triggers per annum
  • 5 years more experience

Furthermore, our programmes deliver superior results with examples including –

  • National Bed Retailer: an ROI of £24 for every £1 invested
  • Home Furnishings: £18:1
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms:  £32:1
  • DIY:  £15:1

So, if you are looking for a catalyst to re-launch your business post lockdown, we can help you drive immediate revenue opportunities with the highest value customers available. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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