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Looking forward to 12th April

The delightful news came on Monday from Boris Johnson that England will allow non-essential retail to open from 12th April. Scotland is expected to be late April and Wales is expected to be 12th April the same date as England.

We could almost hear the sound of relief from retailers who were forced to close their doors in 2020, these businesses desperate to start allowing consumers back through their doors and for the tills to be ringing.

December 16, 2020

Electric cars: Locations of some of the best places to live for owners (and how you can reach these consumers)

Boris always surprises. The recent announcement that hybrids, diesel and petrol cars would stop being available for sale from 2035 has surprised many, as it’s a very aggressive target given the...

December 16, 2020

Property Pulse - double-digit sales as property transactions rise to 10%

In this our most recent post in our Property Pulse series, we update you on the 'Boris bounce' latest and the opportunity impact for businesses selling home related products and services. 

December 16, 2020

The top 3 steps retailers can take to engage with homemovers

On any day of the week homemovers will likely represent a retailer's most valuable customers. Spending over £12 billion per annum in addition to the house transaction, the breadth and duration of...

December 16, 2020

Property Pulse - 'Boris bounce' latest sees exchanges rise further in February

At the end of January we posted on the future of the property market - and what this means for your brand or agency. Now, as we find ourselves in the second full week of February, we report on...

December 16, 2020

Is love in the air on the street where you live?

The UK city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire is perhaps best known for its steel industry heritage, as home to the oldest football ground in the world, and for the well known 1997 comedy film, The...

December 16, 2020

The importance of anniversaries

How great is it when someone recognises a significant anniversary; whether it’s a wedding, birthday, work or a historical event such as VE day? The feel good factor of the recognition resonates. ...

December 16, 2020

Did you know that new car purchases increase immediately after a home move?

Did you know that 25% of all people moving home go on to buy a new car in the month immediately post move?

December 16, 2020

The future of the property market - and what this means for your brand or agency

I’m sure that we have all heard so much talk recently about the potential for a 'Boris bounce', yet few commentators will have the same forward view that we have from our data at TwentyCi. Having

December 16, 2020

Do you remember your first time?

First car, first kiss, first heartbreak, first job, first tweet?

Life is full of many firsts whether they are intentional, accidental, unexpected or undeserved.